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Because Writing is A Legacy

Some people said books are friends, books are pills to kill spare time. Books are windows to open our knowledge.

For me, books are legacies.

Because books enrich me, abundantly. Information or thoughts which are contained in the writings are truly priceless legacies. I believe, in every book, we found a piece of soul that is put together with the lines and words written by its author.

I have fallen in love with words. To quotes and good lyrics. To scripts in movies and eloquence in speeches.

I fell in love with words. Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying them.

Through lines of words I feel I have something that I can offer. Since I have to stop dancing, have no guts to sing, can’t play guitar because my fingers never reach the end of the strings, I’m not super pretty, nor have a good talent in any single sports. I have found my sanctuary, my own world through words.

Maybe at wars, doctors became known as saviors of life. During the industrial era, engineers became the saviors of civilization. In an agriculture society, farmers became important figures. Now I realize in the age of information, I hope my writing can bring messages to the people around me. Providing motivations, happiness, humor,

anything and everything that would enrich their lives as well.

I want to be a writer so I can contribute something meaningful.  Be it a story or anything which can provide remarkable effect. Writing is a simple way in which I could feel useful.

One of my favorite writer told me If there’s any secret ingredient to live a life without regret, that must be it. Love. To do the things that you love, and to do things that you might not love that much with a lot of love. It’s about seeing people that you love happy and content. It’s about radiating the love inside of you, which in turn will make people around you feel accepted and comfortable.

Writing is something more than discovering good words, something more than delivery of information. It keeps me sane. It’s a therapy. As much as reading, writing makes my brain keeps working and being humbled at the same time.

So I’m here. Writing for your words. Your legacies. Your amazing thoughts, even the smallest and the simplest. For me, it will always be your legacy. And you have no idea how your words will be imprinted to me.

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